Reviewers Acknowledgment

Peer reviewers are key to advancing scholarship and contributing to the quality of scholarly journals. We would like to thank the following Reviewers who have taken part in the peer-review process for Current Life Sciences.

In year 2016:

Artur Adamczak, Poznań, Poland

Corinne Lee, Ann Arbor, USA

José Castro, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Pascal Neige, Dijon, France

Bikarma Singh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Shiva Rai, Biratnagar, Nepal

Sangita Singh, Jodhpur, India

Petr Horák, Praha, Czech Republic


In year 2015:

Sanjib Baruah, Guwahati, India

Eric McKenzie, Auckland, New Zealand

Ramadan Abu-Zied, Mansoura, Egypt

Mohammad Arif, Kansas, USA