Aloe vera and garlic ameliorate thermoxidized palm oil-induced haemostatic derangement in albino Wistar rats

Akaninyene Ubong Ime, Elemi John Ani, Victor Udo Nna, Christiana Egong obeten


This study examined the effects of Aloe vera and garlic on haemostatic status of rats fed thermoxidized palm oil diet (TPO). 35 male Wistar rats (140-170 grams) used in this study were randomly assigned five groups (n=7): Control, TPO, TPO + garlic juice (TPO+G), TPO + Aloe gel (TPO+A) and TPO + garlic/Aloe gel (TPO+G+A). TPO diet was prepared by mixing 85 g of rat chow with 15 g of thermoxidized oil. The juice and gel were orally administered at doses of 2 ml/kg and 6 ml/kg respectively. After three months, the rats were sacrificed and blood collected through cardiac puncture for analysis. Plasma fibrinogen was significantly (P<0.001) reduced in TPO group compared to Control, whereas, fibrinogen increased in all treated groups. Platelet count was significantly (P<0.001) decreased in TPO compared with control. Platelet count was significantly decreased (P<0.001) in TPO+G compared to TPO and control, but significantly (P<0.001) increased in TPO+A, and TPO+G+A compared to TPO. Prothrombin and clotting times were significantly increased (P<0.001) in TPO and TPO+G compared to control. Bleeding time was significantly increased (P<0.001) in TPO compared to control, but significantly reduced in TPO+A compared to TPO. Chronic consumption of TPO has deleterious haemostatic by reducing plasma fibrinogen, platelet count and causing an increase in prothrombin, clotting and bleeding times. However, these debilitating effects were seen to be markedly ameliorated following separate and combined administrations of Aloe vera gel and garlic juice. Additionally, Aloe vera gel seemed to have a more significant effect compared with garlic juice.


Garlic; Aloe vera; Thermoxidized palm oil; Haemostatic status; Platelet; Fibrinogen

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