Immunological and biochemical characterization of chitinase with protease activity against Rapither AB

Amit Gupta, Machchindra Pawar, Sanjay Sharma, Nilima Pendharkar


The objective of our study is to confirm and isolate the enzyme chitinase from bacterial samples that are present in different soil samples of Baramati region, Maharashtra and determined its antimicrobial activity of chitinase with protease activity against Rapither AB in virally infected human whole blood samples. In this study, soil samples of different regions of Baramati were collected and identified chitinase enzyme on the basis of zone inhibition in chitin agar plates and finally confirmation through Bergey manual method. For these studies, quantifying the protein content including crude enzyme of bacterial colonies using Nanodrop method. In addition, protease activity of chitinase crude enzyme was determined against Rapither AB and estimated its proliferation rate including total cellular content in virally infected human whole blood samples. After confirmation of chitinase enzyme through various biochemical tests (protein content) and showed higher or rich amount of protein including crude enzyme at a very low concentration. In contrast, protease at higher concentration showed declined in proliferation rate including total cellular content in virally infected human whole blood samples. Overall studies indicated its antimicrobial activity of chitinase with protease activity against Rapither AB.


Chitinase; Protease; Rapither AB; Proliferation

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