Lac, Kerria lacca rearing on Flemingia macrophylla with NPK fertilizer: impact on plant growth, lac yield, and lac parasitisation

  • Arvind Kumar Forest Protection Division, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun-248006 (Uttarakhand), India
  • Manju Rani Institute of Forest Productivity, Ranchi (Jharkhand), India
Keywords: Flemingia macrophylla, Kerria lacca, Soil nutrient, Parasitoids, Eublemma amabilis, Predator, Bhalia


Lac insect, Kerria lacca Kerr. is the only commercial lac producing insect in the world. This tiny insect reared commercially on many specific host plants. Lac product is a natural resin of outstanding properties which is utilized in many products worldwide. Lac insects get settled on the host tree and take their nutrition continuously from the same part. Hence, additional fertilizer application becomes most important component for sustainable host plant growth and lac cultivation. Therefore, to determine the effect of chemical fertilizers (NPK) on Flemingia macrophylla and lac productivity, present study has been conducted. The result revealed that chemical fertilizer combination N15:P5:K5 was found to be the best for Flemingia macrophylla growth which gives best lac yield and least pest infestation on Kerria lacca. The correlation study has also proved that NPK has positively influences on plant growth and lac productivity.



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