Seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis among women in Aden city, Yemen

Nagat Ali Muqbil, Manal Abdulgalil Alqubatii


A total of 670 women attending some private clinics and hospitals in Aden Governorate, Yemen, were examined for toxoplasmosis using Latex, cassette and ELISA tests. The overall seropositive rate of Toxoplasma was 64.3%. Seroprevalence of IgG (31%) was higher than of IgM (14%). This contributes that T. gondii IgG antibodies in women are reflection of chronic or past infection, while IgM reflect recent and acute T. gondii infection. In addition the seropositivity rate IgG + IgM was detected in 22.6%, which reflect the current acute toxoplasmosis. Highest seropositive rate (82.4%) was recorded in age group >38. The low seropositive rate (58.8%) was recorded in age group 27-32. The present study revealed that toxoplasmosis was responsible of 61% of abortion cases in the examined women. The results show that women with more than 3 previous abortions had high (78%) seroprevalence of T. gondii antibodies. Higher seropositive toxoplasmosis was recorded among women from sub-urban areas (65.6%) in comparison to women from urban areas (60.8%). Prevalence levels of toxoplasmosis, in relation to education levels, revealed that the rate of infection among illiterate women was high (72.7%). The ownership of animals in relation to the infection was studied; highest seropositive rate (77%) was recorded among women had cats at home. We conclude that toxoplasmosis is one of the public health problems that needs high attention of health authorities in Aden Governorate.


Toxoplasmosis; ELISA; IgG; IgM; Seroprevalence; Abortion

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